How To Keep Baby Milk Warm when Traveling

How to keep a milk bottle warmer for travelingJust recently my wife and I wanted to find out, “how to keep baby milk warm when traveling” since where we live the weather is cold.

And as fairly new parents who are finding-out that traveling with a small infant in the cold — can be a challenging experience. Especially when our little one gets hungry. We started to look for a solution for our problem.

So, in this post I’ll be sharing three ways we found to fix this problem.

  • The first thing we’ll look at will be two inexpensive solutions that can be easily bought online.
  • The third is my own DIY solution. A daddy hack for transforming a commonly use travel item (that you probably already own) into a baby bottle warmer.

Nursing our Daughter

When my wife got pregnant the decision to breast-feed our daughter was unanimous in our home. Both of us have high opinions on this topic and strongly support other new parents who want to do the same. But sometimes things come up, and it’s difficult for my wife to “drop what she’s doing” and attend to nursing or baby.

For example, last month she was caught in an unexpected bumper-to-bumper traffic jam, that lasted over an hour.

So, to fix this problem we bought the Medela double breast­ pump. We figured that by using a breast pump we could pre-pump a small supply of milk and take them on our travels as a backup. This way if an unexpected situation came-up again, (were she couldn’t breast-feed) things would still be okay.

Problem solved right?

NO! Not according to old man winter who wasn’t set on let us off that easy.

3 quick ways to keep baby milk warm when traveling

If you look closely this brought on another challenge.

Keeping the milk bottles warm in the cold weather.

I’m sure I’m not too far off by saying, that it’s heartbreaking for a parent to see a newborn drink cold milk.

So, here’s three quick ways to show you how to keep your baby’s milk warm when you need to travel in the cold.

The online solution

In searching for a practical, quick and safe way to feed your baby. You’re probably thinking? There has to be an already made solution you can buy. And you’re right, there is! If you go this route my wife and I found the Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer and the Tommee Tippee, Travel Bottle & Food Warmer.

The main difference between the two are…

  • The Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer — is a tall electric thermos that can be connected while in the car (which is great on long trips).
  • The Tommee Tippee Bottle & Food Warmer — is a larger container that not only keeps milk warm but baby food too. (This one is not electric but uses hot water.)

If you research these two items (like we did) you’ll see that both are practical and affordable solutions, and depending on your needs can be very handy with keeping milk warm outdoors.

(BTW) The links will take you to Amazon where you’ll find full reviews on both bottle warmers.

One quick tip on researching stuff on Amazon: I find it helpful to read the customer comments and see what other folks have to say about the product.

An alternative (DIY) solution

If the online solution is not for you and prefer — a do-it-yourself type of project to keep your baby’s bottles warm.

Then I’ll tell you that you might already have a great solution right inside your kit­chen cab­in­et. Like we found out.

Baby bottle in coffee mug

As an avid cof­fee drink­er you’ll find a wide se­lec­tion of travel thermus like these 16 oz travel mugs inside my kitchen cab­in­ets.

And as you see on the photo, I found that travel mugs are not only great for keeping coffee and other beverages hot during the cold (New Jersey) winter’s. But the right size mug can also aid in hous­ing small baby bottles.

Placing these small baby bottles inside travel mugs and filling them with just the right amount of hot water makes a great and inexpensive solution for keeping milk hot when traveling outside your home.

Also an advantage to using travel mugs to keep your baby’s bottle warm is that you already have an easy way to carry them in your car.

Here’s what we do in our home…

  • Take a (5.oz) Medela breastmilk bottle and place it in­side a travel mug be­fore heading out­doors.
  • Fill the travel mug halfway with hot wa­ter, (not too much water or you’ll have a nice spill on your hands).
  • Seal it, and take on the road.

That’s it!


In conclusion I like to add that this experience has led us to discover — that finding hot water outside our home was not as challenging as trying to keep our daughter’s milk bottle warm.

Thanks for reading.

Did you find this article help­ful? Please let us know in the comments, and if you know a friend that might benefit from this information… please consider sharing it.

*Photo credit: Neissa’s ring (CC BY 2.0)


  1. Lola says

    For those ones concerned about keeping the milk warm, then you can fill the thermo with the right amount of hot water and put the bottle into it just before giving it to your child. It will get warm anyway, no matter if you put it there hours or a minute before if the water is hot.

  2. says

    My trick as Mum of three was to have a 4oz bottle of milk in my front jean pocket so my body kept milk at a good temp.
    This meant milk was warm, probably not exactly up to recommended, but all my kids have lived to tell the tale!
    Obviously not to be kept indefinitely but a good shortcut and always milk on hand.

    • says

      Love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. And same here, my daughter is living to tell the tale of here crazy dad’s bottle warmer hack. It’ll be one more crazy thing she can tell her kid about grandpa.

      Cheers, Michael

  3. Crystal says

    Can’t wait to try the thermos idea! I was looking for a way to keep a bottle warm when I have no power supply available such as during a walking trip to a nearbye museum with the baby. Thank you – this should help!!!

  4. betty says

    I just came accross this and i think its an awesome idea! however, my concern is the milk itself. my daughter is 1, and she’s on whole milk. my worry is how long can i keep milk warm for until it gets funny. It’s so much easier keeping milk cold, but there has to be a way to heat up milk (while out and about) when needed without having to buy anything, and use things that i already have in the house. the only thing i can think of is carrying around with my little bedside bottle warmer that plugs in to an outlet. but there has to be another way!

    • says

      Hi Betty, Thx for leaving a comment, it really means a lot when folks take their time to do so. As per your question on “how long.” I think it best to say, that it really depends on your judgement as the parent. In our case for example, our daughter was always hungry, so the milk was never kept out that long, maybe 1 1/2 hour the most. BTW, I’ve recently updated my article to include links to the 2 products that inspired my inquiries regarding this topic. The reason for doing so, was to give those readers who like this idea, but are uncertain to try, (which I respect) a way, to be informed and investigate the ready made product that are sold officially online. Again thank you for visiting. Cheers, Michael.

  5. says

    Hi, I just wanted to chime in to let you know that I’m very humbled by your visit, and for the kind response you have given this post since its been up. I really appreciate each and everyone for taking the time to comment. So. Thank you! R.Miguel.

  6. Ashley says

    Oh my! Great idea!

    I have to do some running around with my daughter knowing that she would need to be fed. And while Christmas shopping not the easiest place to breastfeed. Especially if you also have a 5 year old.

    Used this trick with breast milk! Worked like a charm.

    Perfect temp by the time I needed it.

    And it cost me nothing!

    Thank you!

    Ashley, Mother of 8 month old Jayda and 5 year old Jackson.

    • RMiguel says

      Hi Ashley, thank you for commenting, I’m glad that this came in handy. My wife and I are still using this bottle warming method, since we’re finding that it also workers with the home made pureed food that we prepare at home.

  7. siobhan says

    hi, i actually do same thing but with a flask its a brilliant job. i just wouldn’t serve babies milk at room temp as i wouldn’t like to drink something cold, all my friends thing im mad but i prefer to heat milk also. i make bottles and put them in a thermos bag i then fill the flask just before i leave the house and have it just in case bottles have gone to cold. i also have a warmer that plugs in to the lighter in the car it takes a while to warm but live saver if all else fails. the coffee cup is a brill idea and i must try it.

    • siobhan says

      i forgot to say that if im going on a short trip i sometimes wrap it up in a nappy. lol

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